Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ice Cream At the Coop and Barn/Studio Update

It's been so hot here lately, that even though I don't eat it, all I can think about is ice cream! So I ran with the idea while filling my space at The Spaulding Cooperage this week...

I made these ice cream cones after seeing them on the Oh Happy Day! blog-loved them, had to make some!
This blue chicken wire cabinet has new whitewashed shelves. It has a cute little draw on the bottom and the quirkiest molding that doesn't exactly line up at the corners, but I think it adds character. I could so see it in a bathroom or a shop for display.

As we (I mean my husband mostly) are doing the work on my new studio space in the barn, progress happens primarily on weekends. Well it's weather tight now! 1 door and two windows are in.
All three items were repurposed from our original house when we remodeled it.
We are trying to do this project mostly with repurposed, reused, recycled items.
The new casing around the door and windows are a different color than the barn, but they will weather to the same silver/grey over time. I have some other ideas in mind for the facade, like a metal awning over the door to match the fence at the corner of the barn (pool behind fence), a farm light over the door, and a garden potting bench with the old porcelain kitchen sink that's in our woods from the previous owner-no kidding!. The studs went in today for the wall (to stop my spread into my husbands space, we'll see how that works!) It's so exciting! Check out my Pinterest board called
 'My Barn To Studio' to see my inspiration for this project.
Hope you are enjoying some ice cream this weekend!

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  1. Cute ice cream cone banner!Love that chicken wire cabinet.I have one similar I was selling in my space that I had.But after it sat that and did not sell I brought it home.So glad I did not sell it as it is one of my favorite pieces!


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