Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sale Weekend x 2!!

Oh boy, to say that I am busy this week is an understatement!
When it rains it pours, right??!!
So first the first sale....The Spaulding Cooperage is reopening this Friday, 10am! Yippee! It has been closed for it's annual 6 week winter break. You'd think that 6 weeks would give me plenty of time to get my projects done, but n-o-o-o-o! I am still painting, sanding, etc to finish some projects that I want to get over there before Friday.
There are 3 new dealers, as well as your favorites, and everyone is bringing in fresh new items.
(I hope to post a sneak peek on Thursday night, so check back.)
The second sale....my other location, Barn Loft (www.BarnLoft.blogspot.com) is having it's monthly event on Saturday from 10-12. S-o-o-o, that means that I have to have even more items to stock there. This sale is a quick 2 hours-but merchandise flies out of there.
If you're planning on coming, come early!
Then, throw in the family commitments, trying to get the taxes done, and the dishwasher broke so there's a lot of hand washing going on until next week when I'll be able to have time to shop for a
new one. Phew! The adrenaline is pumping! And I am totally enjoying it!!
Hope your having a good week! Maybe I'll get to see you at one of these locations this weekend.


  1. You are busy! LOVE that coat rack!

  2. Thanks Anne. The hooks on the coat rack are perfectly rusty white, I'm sure it'll go fast.


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