Thursday, February 7, 2013

Barn Digging! Again!

 I was so excited to be invited back to this barn to dig as long as I wanted. Oh yeah!

 It was a lot of fun, BUT A LOT of work to unearth items, and get them down from the second floor. (No need to join a gym in my line of work!)

 My pics are not the best-my camera doesn't do well in dark places. I think you get the idea though.
Here's my pile as I was pulling things outside...
Here are some items once I got them home...I have a thing for vintage coat racks. I just think every cottage needs one, and the vintage hardware is usually a work of art in itself.
 This wire cart is so cool. Must have been some type of display, but the shelves are missing. I will probably make some from wood.
 Don't you love the plank barn door behind the cart? My first thought was to turn it into a console table or a narrow farm table, and you know I l-o-v-e galvanized stuff!
Overall, it was a very happy day with some great finds.
Can't wait to be invited back!!


  1. Kris! I cannot wait until the store opens up - I need to come poke through for some photo props :) Those metal tubs are calling my name...

    1. Photo props?? Interesting! I just went back and read your last blog entry, LOVE IT! I am the same way. I just love to use my blog as my diary of projects. I love to read others, like a magazine article, but I don't get caught up in all the other stuff. 'Live your life, don't just post about it'. See you in March!

  2. ok Seriously... That is amazing!! How fun!! You got some GREAT Stuff!! I don't know what I'm eyeballing more the coca cola crates, or the tool caddies, or the shutters?!?! Love it all!! I can see how challenging it would be, but clearly totally worth it :) ~Bre

    1. Totally chanllenging, but so worth it! Enjoy your weekend!


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