Friday, September 21, 2012

Projects for Upcoming Shows

Hi Everyone!

Yes, I am still here. Sorry I've been negligent of my blog, but you know how it is sometimes...So I'm getting ready for two upcoming shows. The first one is at Barn Loft ( on Sept. 29 & 30 and the second is at Marketplace at Townsend Harbor on October 19, 20 & 21. I've been working on a buffet...
(still in progress, final pictures soon, I promise!)
....lots and lots of lavender sachets....
...and this cute trunk.
When I bought it, someone had spilled/dripped white paint on the top and down the side. First step was to sand that off.
Then I mixed up some paint. I used the Safe Paint from the Old Fashion Milk Paint Company ( Why? Because it's VOC free, organically made, and made in the USA-literally right around the corner from me. Also, I love that I'm able to make my own colors by mixing the powered pigments myself.
So for this trunk, I wanted a grey-green color, not too dark. I combined equal parts of the Bayberry Green and Driftwood, with one quarter part Snow White. It looked dark in the bucket, but once I painted it on...
it had that grey-green that I was looking for...
After it dried, which is extremely fast, I sanded the edges and normal wear places.. 

 Ok, back to the buffet and the other waiting projects!
Happy Friday!!

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  1. Kris,
    Can't wait to see your finished furniture piece.Love those curves on it! I wish I could buy that locally too.No one around here sells it so I have to order it on-line.


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