Monday, August 6, 2012

Flea Market Finds Cleaned Up

I always am so excited to share the finds from my Sunday outings, that I typically unload my truck, arrange a vignette, snap some pictures and then post. After that, I go about cleaning, fixing, prepping items destined for the shop in Townsend or for Barn Loft. I realized today that you don't usually see how well things look all cleaned up...this is a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it! (glad it's me!) are some cleaned up items from yesterday...

#1-see the old canvas feed sack before?
Here it is after a soaking and scrubbing....
Can you believe how good it looks now?! And that the leather circles are black?
 They were brown-ish when I bought it. I can imagine this filled with greens on a front door this winter (agh! did I just say that?)

#2-see the coat tree in the first picture? After scrubbing off layers of dirt, I discovered this...
an oval brass initial plate reading  'ADC' -how cool is that?!
(yes, I know the hook is broken, it'll be replaced.)

#3-My 'Favorite Find' from the flea yesterday, the draws before....

Look at them after a good cleaning and some new 'old' labels inserted...

I did not alter the color in the photo. These were so dirty, you couldn't see the grain of the oak wood at all. I loved them before, but now they are simply stunning.

I may just have to do this before & after picture series every week. Would you like to see the cleaned up items? I'd love to know, please leave me a comment.


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  1. YES - I like to see the "Cleaned Up" photos! Those little oak drawers look really good!


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