Sunday, June 24, 2012

(Industrial) Flea Market Sunday!

 I was on a mission for some industrial stuff to sell at Barn Loft next weekend (
I needed items ready to sell, and items that can be turned into something else. How psyched was I to scoop up this box of industrial casters?? Need some for my current projects. And the box is a bonus!
 This tall galvanized container is going to look great holding some grasses...
These 3 vintage display racks came from my favorite 'spotter'...Thanks for calling me!!
 This one will receive casters, and I am not of fan of promoting smoking so I'm thinking about sanding the 'camel-winston' logo off. Without the wording, I think it would be fabulous holding plates and glasses in a dining room. What are your thoughts about sanding off the logo?
This green wire rack has wheels on it already, and the shelves are adjustable...really could hold, towels, crafts, books....
This is my favorite....I love the grey-blue color, the dividers on the shelves are movable and the logo sign comes off easily for the person who doesn't want to display light bulbs all the time...

I also was able to pick up an assortment of art supplies and related items...I always have a soft spot for artists...the box on the table is an antique traveling desk. It needs some new hinges and a piece of wood, but it's in great shape besides that..
 Used paint boxes...I wonder what this artist was painting...

And a little bling rounds out my shopping excursions from the week.
Now I have to go wash, repair and paint to get things ready for next weekend!

Enjoy your weekend! The weather is gorgeous here today...


  1. Kris,
    Great finds!Love those racks.I would sand off the logo.I agree about not promoting smoking.I think it would look much better.Have fun repurposing all of your new finds.

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