Sunday, April 15, 2012

1st FLEA of the Season!

Early morning at the flea market, but not early enough! The place was packed when I got there...

BUT...still managed to score quite a nice collection of items...

Some things were bought specifically for BARN LOFT ( and the rest is to sell at the Spaulding Cooperage.
These plumbers totes are just begging for some succulents don't you think?
Check out this little table. I couldn't pass it up. First, the color is original, a great beachy blue.
 But it's what's on the bottom that is so sweet....Eino Salo, Grade 8-2, Elizabeth St. School, 1931. This was a shop class project that has survived all these years.

 Mail bins-great for storing anything and everything!
Great crate and lantern for those backyard evenings.

Favorite Find? Here it is....

It's a wicker bicycle basket with the cage attached! I love vintage bike baskets, but I have never found one with a cage that attaches with leather straps. Will have to see if my dog fits in it! Don't think he'd be too happy in it.

Off to the Boston Marathon tomorrow...not running (are you kidding??!) Just going to offer support, cheer those runners on, maybe pass out water. It's going to be one of the hottest marathons in a long time.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. You have a great eye.Love all of your finds.

  2. OMG Kris....You & I would not be able to shop a flea together....You would need to go left & I would have to go right 'cause we'd BOTH be after the same things....I ESPECIALLY love the industrial stool & the wooden stool....DIVINE....!!!!!

  3. A joint flea market excursion would be fun! But, you're right, we wouldn't be able to shop together! Too funny!


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