Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Telephone Table Done!

Remember this?? A 'telephone table'. I had to explain to my kids that, yes, you used to sit while on the phone and stay in one spot! The looks on their faces!! Haha!

Here's what it looked like when I got it....

It was missing it's seat, so I had a new one made out of plywood for it, then got to work painting it French Grey. Once I sanded the table top, I decided to keep that wood, with a coat of stain. I like the contrast. (you know me...juxtaposition is my middle name!) Here it is before distressing...

And after it's been distressed and the seat reupholstered...

I had a piece of a matelasse coverlet that I picked up at the flea market this past summer...it was just waiting for the right project. I love how it gives it a slight reminder of 'being at Grandma's' and the circle pattern picks up the circle in the back of the chair.

I could see this cute piece by someones back door....let the screen door slam shut, drop your keys, sit down and take off your sandals, drop off the mail in the basket...can you see it?



  1. Your telephone table turned out great! Yes, I had one of these in the house I grew up in. I was allowed only 3 minute phone calls to my friends. Times have surely changed!

  2. Super sweet , Kris. Love the addition if the wire bin!


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