Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finished Drafting Table

Finally finished one of the projects from last week... the drafting table before....
....and table works great as a bistro table for two.
with some great conversation pictures on top...architectural drafting images, appropriate don't you think?
or use it at a buffet station for a party...
The best thing about it is that it still folds reasonably flat, so that when it's not in use, it takes up very little room. Enjoy! ~Kris

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  1. Very nice Kris! Especially like your clever choice of drawings and diagrams for the top. The only question now, can you part with it? It looks so good on display at your house. (Also, side note-saw Laura and she clarified the Coop is not reopening til March 1- saw your blog note says the 29th)


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