Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This Christmas Around My House

So, if you know me by now, I like a variety of styles, and I'm always for Christmas this year one end of my house is decorated in whites, greens, silver and lots of candles, a 'winter woodland', the other end of the house is the vintage cozy 'Christmas of past'. (upstairs I even have a third theme going in our bedroom...winter cabin...the hubby loves it) Somehow, they all flow together...

 I put together these large snow globes using faux snow and chickadees from Micheal's, some white branches that I had from an previous arrangement, and real bird nests that I collected from the ground around my home over the seasons.

I made these stockings from an old bedspread and attached small glass picture frames stamped with the appropriate initial. I'm using mason jars filled with white sand and votives EVERYWHERE! Did I tell you that we're hosting 24 for Christmas dinner???!! It's going to be GREAT! Crazy....but great!

The fireplace is filled with creamy crocks, white baskets, greenery, a tin birdhouse and branches covered in crystals.

The old schoolhouse chalkboard in the dining room, for now, has a Christmas countdown and a quote...I'll be changing it to a menu for the dinner.

Now to the vintage side...

The graphics on this vintage poster are stunning, a great flea market find that I couldn't part with. The old Italian wine jug, and a factory order table with locker baskets below.

 Our family room. I love to collect vintage paint-by-numbers. I have a great number of summer ones too!

And that's a quick tour of my house. Hope your place is fully decorated!



  1. It all looks so nice Kris. Love the displays and especially the idea of the frames on the chalkboard. The picture of the kids is super neat. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Kris!!
    Just found your blog and love it!! I am your newest follower!!


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