Sunday, May 1, 2011

A busy day-flea market and projects

Great finds at the flea market today! Due to Easter last Sunday and being closed the week before due to the heavy rain, everyone was ready for a big sale day-dealers and buyers. I wish I had my truck this weekend, but I had my husbands (very) small car, so I went with my friend Michelle. We filled up her truck in an hour and a half, and spent all our money....and we only went to 4 dealers! Great day! Here's a sampling of what we got-yes we put a few items up on the roof!

Favorite Find of the Day..... a great old yellow Colombia bike, with the basket! I think the basket needs to be filled with flowers, a great piece of linen, a baguette...ohh la la!

I also have been working on an order for Melissa from Nesting on Main, Concord, MA. She is taking some of my items to Brimfield next week! Thanks Melissa! Here's the dish towels that I have finished.....

I also managed to get to the beach this weekend-which I love any time of year. Even when it's cold there are always some surfers...and this is MAINE! Had some great chowder, found some sea glass, let the dog run on the beach and just enjoyed the salt air! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!~Kris


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  1. Beautiful items & great photos! You have been busy busy busy! Best of luck with Brimfield! Happy Mother's Day. Your quote about "Mom" is so true!


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