Wednesday, March 9, 2011 careful what you wish for.

I know I was begging for spring...but with spring, come the floods. Both in my basement and through my town. At this point we are 1.5 feet above flood level and more rain is expected through Friday. Yikes!! Here's the covered bridge in town. Last year the water touched the bottom of the bridge, so far it is lower than that. I'll keep you posted. The basement on the other hand will continue to take on water and I will continue to pump it out....ahhh Spring!!!!

Since it is spring though, I thought I'd welcome it in by replacing my evergreen wreath on the front door with a forsythia one. I added a frayed linen floppy bow and an adorable chickadee.

On the inside, it's all about Easter. I'm usually not a 'pink' girl....but spring is the perfect time for hints of pink...some fresh tulips in the kitchen....

vintage coffee cups.....

and a handpainted bunny hiding in a galvanized bucket.

Hope you are having a good week...stay dry!!!!


  1. Love the bunnies in the tea cups. Maybe spring will "hop to it" as well!! Hang in there with pumping. My cellar is drier today, but it left the carpet muddy and smelly. Now what?

  2. Beautiful things. Love the vintage stamp eggs!


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